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Strengthening Influencer Loyalty Through Differentiated Rewards Strategy

Learn how BI WORLDWIDE India created a bespoke influencer loyalty program with a carefully curated mix of persona-based rewards and experiences resulting in 2X revenue for a leading Indian automobile brand.


A leading Indian automobile manufacturer wanted to strengthen reach within its influencer community (mechanics), with the end goal of boosting sales of its genuine auto-parts in the after-sales service market. This would help curb the growth of counterfeited products in the market, which was a serious concern for the brand. The brand’s existing loyalty program needed an overhaul as it was not engaging enough and unable to drive participation. Mechanics did not have much visibility on campaigns as there was no consistent communication from the brand - therefore a mere 20% enrolled mechanics were active users on their platform.


BI WORLDWIDE India created a bespoke point-based influencer loyalty program which included a carefully curated mix of persona-based rewards and experiences; conducted periodic product trainings to increase awareness; and implemented a strategic, consistent and multilingual communications plan that used channels like SMS and IVR which were popular with the target audience. 

One of the key features was the customised rewards catalogue which expanded from a mere 70 items to over 10,000 items – with the primary goal being to include more non-cash rewards, as these are proven to have better recall and are more sociable. Items like TV sets, washing machines, digital cameras were especially popular in establishing an emotional connect as these benefitted mechanics’ families as well. Moreover, in order to formally recognise and acknowledge their achievements among their peers, celebratory events were organised where rewards were presented to the winners, which helped build a sense of loyalty. 

BI WORLDWIDE India also harnessed the power of technology by creating an integrated mobile and web-based platform where mechanics’ performance and rewards redemption could be tracked effortlessly.


BI WORLDWIDE India’s differentiated rewards strategy, coupled with effective communication and training led to pathbreaking results for the brand:

  • 2X growth in revenue
  • 3X rise in transactions from active mechanics
  • 2.5X growth in retail network coverage

The program is testament to the fact that a customised selection of non-cash rewards can prove to be a winning strategy for building brand loyalty among channel partners, ultimately leading to higher sales.

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