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Driving Behavioral Change Through Data Driven Insights and Campaigns

Learn how BI WORLDWIDE India developed a powerful CRM strategy with deep data analytics and behavioural economics principles resulting in 30% growth in tertiary sales volume for for a global energy and oil brand.


A leading global oil & gas brand was looking to engage more meaningfully with mechanics (their last mile sales influencers) to increase tertiary sales and leverage the benefit of non-cash rewards to enhance brand loyalty. They were already running a pan-India app-based loyalty Program for mechanics, however this lacked any personalization and relied heavily on cash rewards, and therefore presented a transactional, one size fits all experience for mechanics, without any significant increase in engagement levels or sales.


BI WORLDWIDE India applied its unique capabilities in deep data analytics along with behavioural economics principles in order to develop a powerful CRM strategy to drive behavioral change and engagement in the mechanics. After considerable research into the various audience segments and analysis on each segment’s preferences, a multi-pronged communications strategy was deployed, including initiatives like telemarketing, pre-recorded voice messaging, and expanding the number of languages in which messages were delivered from 2 to 8, in order to cater to their pan-India audience better.

An eclectic rewards catalogue with a wide array of luxury and utility non-cash rewards and experiential rewards in addition to the usual fare of cash rewards was also created, with a unique point earning and redemption strategy. This helped add a layer of differentiation to the Program and motivated mechanics to participate more readily. Moreover, winners were celebrated and felicitated at both live and virtual events, where the brand’s senior management were also present and actively involved, and this was in turn amplified across the brand’s social media channels.


BI WORLDWIDE India’s collective efforts on various fronts to make the loyalty Program more appealing and engaging, and less transactional, led to incredible results for the brand:

  • 91% Program participants experienced enhanced satisfaction
  • 1.7X growth in enrollment of mechanics to the program
  • 2X growth in mechanics scanning month on month
  • 30% noteworthy growth in tertiary sales volumes

All in all, BI WORLDWIDE India was able to help the brand achieve both, increased adoption of and traction on its loyalty Program, as well as a measurable boost in sales.

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